General Information FAQ

    • FAQs for browser types, where to go and who to contact for account issues, cost/benefits to using ColoradoVSS, price agreements and ColoradoVSS system information.

Registration FAQ

    • FAQs for New ColoradoVSS Registration, Activating a ColoradoVSS Account, Account Verification, Business Types, Canceling a registration, Pending registrations, Registration approvals, Searching for Business/Individual account, Tax Identification Number (TIN), Memorandum Agreement and Common VSS Errors and Resolutions.

Login & User Management FAQ

    • FAQs for updating a VSS Security Question, updating VSS passwords, adding and removing additional users, updating a users' access level, changing and locking a VSS User ID.

Account Maintenance FAQ

    • FAQs for account status, business types, commodity codes, updating contact information, updating address information, email notifications, common account maintenance error messages, and general Vendor information.


Solicitations FAQ

    • FAQs for viewing and searching for solicitations, attachments within a solicitation, solicitation response options/delivery methods, withdrawing a solicitation response, locating Buyer information, email notifications, My Watchlist, Notice of Award, amendment history, Bulletin Board information, catalog management and purchase history.

Payments FAQ

    • FAQs for warrants, EFTs, invoices and intercepted payments.

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