We will have multiple users on our account. May I share my VSS login credentials?

Yes, they’re able to use the same login credentials. However, it’s recommended that additional users are setup on the account by the VSS Account Administrator. With creating additional users, the VSS Account Administrator can set up the additional users with separate login credentials as well as decide the access level they would like for the user to have (example: Full Access, Display Only, Account Administrator). Please keep in mind that if you are only going to use one login for multiple people in the company to use, a password reset will need to be requested by the VSS Account Administrator.

To add additional users to the account with separate login credentials, you will want to follow the steps below:

    1. Navigate to www.colorado.gov/vss and Log into your VSS Account.

    2. Select Users (tab).

    3. Select Add.

    4. Enter all required fields marked with a red * (asterisk)

    5. Select Next.

    6. Select the Primary Access Level to be assigned to the user.

    7. Select any Optional Access Levels to be made available to the user.

    8. Select Save.