Does the email for Notice of an Award, which notifies me that a Solicitation I have responded to was recently awarded, mean that I have been awarded, or that another vendor has been awarded?

You received the Notice of Award because you submitted a Solicitation Response. To see who the bid was awarded to, you will want to:

1. Navigate to

2. Select Public Access link.

3. Enter the Solicitation Number in the Keyword Search field (ex: *2018*1132*).

4. Click Go.

Screenshot of Search for Solicitations screen with a green box around the Keyword Search field

5. Select Details.

6. Select Notice of Award tab.

Screenshot of the Business Opportunities tab with the Solicitations subtab open and the Notice of Award tab within the solicitation selected.

After selecting the Notice of Award tab, there you will find the Vendor and the Awarded Date for the solicitation. You will want to contact the department who published the solicitation they will be able to answer your questions about additional business information that may be associated with the solicitation.

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